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Supermarket injury - compensation claim case study

Supermarket injury - compensation claim case study

£7639.32 awarded to the claimant following falling on a defect on a supermarket car park, resulting in facial injuries and soft tissue injuries to both knees and hands.

Pauline Smith, Senior Associate Executive and personal injury claims handler settled a case for a claimant who has sustained an injury as a result of falling on a supermarket car park.

The claimant was walking on a painted zebra crossing leading to the store from the car park. They tripped over a piece of metal protruding from the ground where a bollard used to be. The metal was between 1 - 2 inches high, jagged and sticking upright from the ground.  This caused the claimant to fall forward onto their knees and face.

The claimant sustained a soft tissue injury to the face, bleeding from their nose, and soft tissue injuries to both knees and hands. The facial injuries resolved in 6 weeks, and the soft tissue injuries to the hands resolved in 3 weeks. They required a course of physiotherapy and the knee symptoms were expected to resolve within 25 – 27 months of the accident.

The claim was settled and the claimant received £7639.32 in compensation.