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Current social care shortfalls could lead to more CICA claims in the years to come

Calls for Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme reform

A recent report from Ofsted has highlighted some of the long-standing effects of the pandemic on children’s social care. The report found significant staffing challenges are disadvantaging young people, placing them in homes where their needs are simply not being met or where children are being placed in unregistered homes without regulatory oversight.

The report also sounds the alarm over the current cost of living crisis, which has already had an impact on children’s services. Financial strain on families may lead to higher numbers of children in need and child protection cases.

Commenting on the report, Danielle Callaway, partner in the personal injury department at Stephensons said:

“Sadly, we have already seen that the impact of the pandemic is having profound consequences on children currently in the care system, and those who aren’t yet known to social services. The shortage of skilled staff ultimately means that some children will be at much greater risk of abuse or harm. Tragically, we have already seen high profile examples of this in the press recently.

Longer term, we may well see these current challenges reflected in an increase in claims to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA). This government body entitles victims of abuse to receive compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. Under the rules of the CICA, victims have until their 20th birthday to make a CICA claim where a report was made to the police before they turned 18. It may well be that there is a clear link between the pandemic and an increase in these claims in the coming years.”

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