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Help Rowan Run!

Help Rowan Run

Help Rowan Run! Rowan is a chatty, charming, typical 6-year-old boy - he loves Star Wars, baseball, superheroes and playing computer games with his twin sister and big brother. 

He absolutely loves life and is always smiling... but sometimes life is hard.

Rowan was born 11 weeks early, and as a result he developed cerebral palsy. He was diagnosed aged 18 months, and since then he has struggled to meet his physical milestones. After a lot of physiotherapy, Rowan now uses a Kaye walker (named Betsy!) and a wheelchair to get around. However, he tires very quickly and struggles to keep up with his twin and their friends on the playground. His legs hurt and are very stiff, despite how hard he works at his physiotherapy exercises.

SDR surgery is not NHS funded, but will reduce the stiffness in Rowan's legs and allow him much improved mobility, with the aim for him to take his first ever independent steps, and one day... run! Rowan's family are trying to raise the £30,000 which would allow him to receive this life-changing surgery.

As a firm we are delighted to be able to make a donation of £3,000 and will be supporting Rowan, who's dad Robert works at Stephensons, over the coming months with a number of further fundraising events.

If you would like more information or would like to make a donation please visit Help Rowan Run