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Fence dispute solicitors - my experience, Veronica Green

Veronica Green discusses her experience after a fence dispute developed between herself and a neighbour who installed a fence blocking part of her property.

Veronica discusses the impact a dispute can have and her experience working with the specialist solicitors at Stephensons in order to get the matter resolved.

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Fence Dispute Solicitors - My experience Veronica Green video transcript

Veronica Green: Life was not good at all and we kept hoping it would be settled and it did affect us in a big way because we could not believe that anyone could do this. We wanted it to be finished. We had, on a number of occasions, thought, "we don't want to live in this house." You just have to go on. You have to go on for the right of everything and we'd been told by a number of people, "for your sake, it has to be sorted, but thinking of the house for the future." The whole house because ... so just thinking of it as a whole, we just had to go on and try and sort it.

We got up one day and we went in the garden and then to go down to the front through the access. There was a big fence bolted into the ground and totally blocked. It was a real block because the screws were right, right in. We thought they would nearly be through to the pipes in the ground on that part of our property. It really was a shock, such a shock, because I did not know anyone would go to that level. You just can't understand it, really.

We just knew it was going to be over before she said and she had agreed to take the blockage down. That was all that was needed. It's just been so different. Life has just been so different and we were just so pleased that we'd had a solicitor to get us to this stage.

Dealing with Stephensons now ... from the start that was that they were really, really good and we would have a letter and see how they had written certain things in reply and what they had to say. It was just that, how it was dealt with, we hoped it would be dealt with like that. Definitely, definitely recommend Stephensons. We could have confidence in them totally.