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Delay in diagnosis - £100,000 settlement

Our client received £100,000 on behalf of the estate of her partner following a delay in diagnosis of a cerebral haemorrhage. The man was taken ill whilst varnishing his kitchen floor, suffering severe head pain, he became disorientated, was sweating profusely and vomited. He took himself to bed but the following day he was still suffering from severe head and neck pain, at this point he requested a home visit from a doctor. The doctor advised him that he was suffering from a viral infection and to drink plenty of water and take ibuprofen.
Due to no improvement in the man's condition his partner requested another home visit, a colleague of the previous doctor attended and immediately suspected the man had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and arranged for him to be urgently admitted to hospital. Once at hospital an angiogram confirmed the man had suffered a large aneurysm, surgery was planned but before it could take place the man's condition deteriorated and he passed away. Our client brought action alleging that the doctor was negligent in failing to diagnose the brain haemorrhage and admit the man to hospital, maintaining that but for the delay surgery would have been able to take place prior to man's deterioration in condition.


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