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Cycling injury claim - my experience by Peter Baker

Peter Baker came to Stephensons after suffering a serious injury whilst out riding his bike. In this video Peter shares his experience and talks about how the personal injury solicitors at Stephensons were able to help him pursue a claim for compensation.

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Cycling injury claim - my experience by Peter Baker video transcript

Peter: My passion for cycling started possibly when I was 11 or 12. I had ridden down Barrett Lane many times before my accident. It had always been fairly comfortable, but subsequent to a bad winter, the road deteriorated. The accident occurred on the first of June 2011, and it was a bright, sunny day. I took the bike out for a ride. I was enjoying myself immensely and feeling good until I got to Barrett Lane, and then landed up in the ditch having hit my head on a tree.

 After that, I thought I could get back on the bike, but the pain in my neck was severe, a motorist came along and he agreed to take me and my bicycle home, whereupon my wife, seeing the state I was in, immediately phoned for an ambulance. I suffered a shattered second vertebrae. Fortunately, it was the second vertebrae, not the first, otherwise I would have been paralysed. I spent six to ten weeks in hospital, wearing a head brace.

My motivation for pursuing a claim was the principle of it. The state of the road was abominable. A friend had mentioned that I could be covered for the legal proceedings on my home insurance policy. Working with Stephensons solicitors was good. It gave me full confidence and I had the knowledge that the insurance company were backing them. Stephensons kept me fully informed as to the progress of the case and what the cost situation was at all times. I was very impressed with Stephensons.

 My claim against local authority was finally settled in December of this year, after three and a half years from the date of the accident.