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Client recovers over £5,000 after contracting food poisoning

Can I make a compensation claim for food poisioning?

Our client developed campylobacteriosis after eating a meal at a public house. Liability was initially denied by the defendant, but then admitted, following the disclosure of documentation from their local council and also from Public Health England that confirmed various breaches of food safety and hygiene standards.

Our client started feeling unwell two days after the meal out and developed gastric problems. They sought assistance from their GP, but over the course of the next few days, these symptoms worsened, until six days after the meal out, they started experiencing visual hallucinations. They were taken to hospital as an emergency and admitted for a period of six days.

Our client was treated with antibiotics and IV fluids during their stay in hospital. Following discharge they continued to experience gastric problems including severe diarrhoea for a further three to four months, requiring them to change working arrangements in order that they could work from home. Their social activities were also severely restricted for the same period of time, in view of the fact that they needed to remain close to a bathroom.

The medical evidence suggested that they would be left with no long term effects from the food poisoning incident.

Our client received £5,400 compensation.