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Client avoids trial after prosecution persuaded to withdraw case

Can a criminal conviction whilst under the age of 18 affect future job prospects or higher education?

We were recently contacted by a client’s wife seeking expert legal advice for her husband who had been charged with a criminal offence.

Neither had been in trouble before but after asking the police for help whilst they were on a night out, her husband had found himself arrested and charged with an offence.

Whilst at the police station her husband had not had legal advice from a solicitor. They were therefore in the dark as to what was going to happen next and were naturally incredibly anxious by the thought of them going to court. They had a strong case and knew they were in the right, but the whole prospect of having to give evidence at trial was weighing heavily upon them.

Before the hearing we met with the client and his wife to discuss the process with them and to take their instructions. We also applied to the prosecution for their evidence. With the help of our clients we then gathered together the evidence which supported their case.

On the day of the hearing we were then able to persuade the prosecution to withdraw the case. This therefore meant that the client did not need to anxiously await a trial, he did not have to give evidence in court and his good name remained intact.

Obviously, not every case that we deal with is like this one, but whatever the nature of the case, expert legal representation can be invaluable.

If you require advice from the department please do not hesitate to contact the crime department on 01616 966 229.