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Children law at Stephensons - my experience by Andrew McIntyre

Stephensons' client Andrew McIntyre shares his experience of using the services of our family and divorce law team.

Andrew turned to Stephensons when he began to have concerns over the health and well-being of his child. Here Andrew describes his experience of working with the family team at Stephensons and how family life has changed as a result.

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Children law at Stephensons - my experience by Andrew McIntyre video transcript

Andrew: There was a serious threat to my child's welfare and health, and I couldn't find anybody to support me in addressing that with the courts. I’ve got friends in the legal community and they felt I needed a different type of assistance. They recommend Stephensons. Working with Stephensons was exceptional. Every detail was attended to and they showed sensitivity to my case, my children's issues. So I had a very, very good experience over a difficult time in my life.

Many lawyers that I've dealt with, their default position is to try and engage in conflict with the opposition. Stephensons' approach was to try and find common ground at the outset. Ultimately, they were unable to do that. When they needed to, the gloves came off, and they dealt with matters in a robust manner. Their default position was one seeking compromise which is what I wanted from my lawyers.

My son is doing really well. He's happy at school, which is really important, happy at home. He is a vibrant and enthusiastic, passionate young man who's full of beans and a handful.