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Boundary dispute solicitors - my experience by Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts discusses his experience after a boundary dispute developed between himself and a new neighbour.

Andrew discusses the impact a boundary dispute can have and his experience working with the specialist solicitors at Stephensons in order to get the matter resolved.

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Boundary dispute solicitors - my experience by Andrew Roberts video transcripts

Andrew Roberts: We bought a property which was in the front garden nine years ago. We moved into that. It was a 1920s chalet bungalow. Then, we built this in the back garden. Moved into this one, demolished that one, built the garages. We finally moved into the house that we're in at the moment about five years ago.

We had a new neighbour move in approximately three years ago, and she was saying that we had altered the boundaries since we moved in, and in between her viewing and her purchasing, but then, we had a letter from her solicitor saying that they were going to issue proceedings for trespass against us and also, without further reference to us, a fence was going to be erected that was going to annexe a large chunk of our back garden. True to her word, two weeks later, eight o’clock in the morning, we heard the sound of a chainsaw. Went outside, a fence panel had been removed and a mature home oak tree was being felled. That was the challenge now, to get a fixed boundary that would suit her, suit us and, from there, we actually went on to appoint a chartered surveyor and next door appointed a chartered surveyor. Extensive plans were drawn up and reports made. What was incredible was they virtually agreed, so it was decided that the two chartered surveyors would meet up, hands were shaken, and this is how it's going to be.

Then, four weeks later, our neighbour reneged on the deal, so I sought legal advice. The advice was to contact Stephensons.

We had a letter saying, "I have advised my client to settle." The settlement was that the boundary would be as it was when we moved here, as it was when next door moved here and, on top of that, as a little bonus to myself, there was compensation for the tree and next door will also have to pay a high proportion of all the legal costs that had been incurred.

Absolutely superb. The quality, the quality of the letters, they're succinct, they're to the point. The speed of any response, the constant reassurance. It's very difficult for anyone who hasn't been involved in a boundary dispute to actually realise the stress and distress that it causes the family. We cannot thank Stephensons enough for the work and the manner and the way the whole case was dealt with from the beginning. To have the end, to have the result and to have it completely finished, it was very, very good. We're still elated today.