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Residential conveyancing - jargon buster F

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor to handle a residential house sale, house purchase or a re-mortgage then please contact us on 01616 966 229 for a free, no obligation initial chat with one of our legal advisors, or request more information via our contact form.


Fixtures, Fittings & Contents: This is a list of items at the property which are being removed by the seller or which remain as part of the sale. This ensures that there are no disputes between the buyer and the seller as to what is to be left in the property on the day of completion.

Floating Charges: A form of mortgage over a company’s assets, which still allows transactions to take place with those assets.
Freehold: This is one of two legal estates created by the Law of Property Act 1925. It continues for an indefinite period – for all practical purposes ownership forever.
Flying Freehold: A flying freehold exists where a part of one property extends physically in, over, or under a neighbouring property. The two buildings then depend upon each other for support. Where each property is held as a freehold, the flying element becomes a flying freehold.