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Landlord rights COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a great deal of pressure on many people, including financially. In response to the pandemic, the UK government has put in place new legislation (the Coronavirus Act 2020) and these regulations include some that may affect residential landlords and the way in which they deal with tenants, along with health and safety-related obligations that they have.

The new legislation has been put in place with the aim of protecting tenant rights during the COVID-19 pandemic and giving them added security if they are under related financial pressure and struggling to pay their rent due to a reduction in income during this period.

If you’re a landlord seeking expert advice on how to deal with a situation regarding tenants during the coronavirus pandemic, you can call our expert team for advice on 01616 966 229.


Landlords and COVID-19: Evictions

The new legislation is designed to protect private and social tenants during this time by delaying the eviction process somewhat. Earlier in the pandemic, landlords were required to give tenants six months’ notice before starting possession proceedings, apart from in the most serious of cases. Exceptions to this included anti-social behaviour, domestic abuse, false statement and rent arrears accrued to the value of more than six-months of rent.

However, this stay on possession proceedings expired in September 2020, at which point landlords were able to progress their claim via the court system. During any current or future national lockdowns, however, renters continue to be protected during that given period. This includes the issuing of eviction notices via bailiffs, again with some exemptions in certain situations.

With the restrictions on people’s daily activities changing regularly, it can be very difficult for landlords to keep up to date with what the current regulations are and what their rights are, should tenants fall into significant arrears.

Our expert team are able to provide legal advice to landlords at any time during the pandemic, taking into account whatever regulations are currently in force, to ensure that you always know where you stand. Get in touch on 01616 966 229 if you want more information about what you are able to do and when with regard to residential evictions.

Repairs and maintenance obligations for landlords: COVID-19

Tenants have a legal right to a warm, safe and decent place to live, and this might mean that landlords are obliged to carry out maintenance or repairs on the property during the pandemic and even during national lockdown restrictions. The law requires that landlords should ensure that their properties are kept in good repair, well maintained and free from hazards where it is safe to do so.

Inspections and repairs can be carried out as long as they are undertaken in line with the latest relevant public health advice and guidance. It can be challenging for landlords to ensure they are always up to date with current advice, as there have been several changes as restrictions are amended and different rules may be in place in different parts of the country at the same time.

Our landlord solicitors are familiar with all current legislation and guidance and can help ensure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations to tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call 01616 966 229 to speak to our expert team.