Peter Krepski



Peter is a solicitor in Stephensons’ regulatory and criminal team with a focus on health and safety, the technology sector, firearms, and business & criminal defence. He is experienced in advising clients facing investigation or prosecution by their regulator and is a reassuring presence in a crisis management situation following a serious incident.

Health and safety: Peter gives advice in relation to all aspects of health and safety. He is able to advise clients during internal investigations, representing them at PACE interviews under caution and negotiating with the HSE and local authorities. Should the matter proceed to court, he is also able to defend criminal proceedings and provide representation at inquests. Peter is an experienced advocate and so is able to conduct proceedings himself where cost is an important factor.

Technology, data protection & FinTech: As a Microsoft Certified Professional, he also has extensive knowledge of computers and telecommunications and is therefore able to assist in data protection and exploitation matters, minimising the impact of data and security breaches, helping clients make the most of big data and cloud technologies in a compliant manner, and advising in relation to emerging technologies such as crypto-currencies and blockchain.

Firearms: Peter has extensive experience in dealing with firearms matters and is able to advise in relation to shotgun/firearm certificate applications, appeals against refusals to grant certificates, section 5 firearms and authorisations, maritime security and anti-piracy operations, applications to become a registered firearms dealer and other such matters.

Business & criminal defence: Peter regularly represents clients in PACE interviews under caution, in the Magistrates’ Courts and in the Crown Court. He has been independently assessed by the Law Society as part of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme and has also been awarded Higher Rights of Audience (Crime). Peter has defended clients facing prosecution by HMRC, Trading Standards, the Serious Fraud Office, the Department for Work and Pensions, Companies House and Transport for London, among others.

Private prosecutions: Where the Crown Prosecution Service or other body is unable or unwilling to prosecute, an individual or organisation can instruct Peter to assist them in bringing a private prosecution. This is especially attractive as an alternative to civil proceedings when individuals or businesses have been the victim of serious fraud.

Extradition: Peter has experience of defending in extradition matters and is able to assist clients facing European Arrest Warrants and INTERPOL Red Notices.

Key criminal cases

  • R v R [2017] – A case of s18 grievous bodily harm dating from 2003 in which the victim lost his sight in one eye. Following a full trial, the defendant was found not guilty of the assault and received a suspended sentence for failing to attend court 14 years ago.
  • F [2017] – Represented a client investigated by the SFO in relation to allegations of bribery in a multi-national corporation. Following representations, the client was released from bail and no further action was taken.
  • R v M [2017] - A trial in which the defendant was charged with common assault and assaulting a police constable. Following disclosure of body-worn camera footage after a s8 CPIA application, the Crown offered no evidence on the charge of assaulting a constable. A successful submission of no case to answer was made in relation to the charge of common assault and so the client was found not guilty of all charges.