Nicola McDaid

Family Law Solicitor and Senior Associate

Nicola qualified as a solicitor in 2010 and has specialised in family law since then. She is a tenacious and dedicated lawyer representing parents and local authorities in care proceedings.

Nicola has assisted clients who are involved with non-accidental injury cases and demonstrated such a flair in dealing with these cases, that she has received numerous referrals from individuals and professionals. She has demonstrated her ability to grasp complex evidential, legal, and medical issues and has been praised for her sensible, caring and hard working attitude. It has also been noted that Nicola talks the same language as her clients which enables her to forge strong relationships with them. This has resulted in her having a portfolio of non-accidental injury cases of the utmost gravity. 

In addition to representing parents, Nicola has also taken responsibility of a number of cases in representing the local authorities in multi-party care proceedings and has received praise from other professionals for the skill and efficiency in her ability to effectively handle a number of heavy weight care matters.

Nicola is a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel.