Bob Toppin



Bob joined Stephensons in April 2015 as a consultant in the criminal department and continues to work before all of the local magistrate courts

Bob qualified as a Solicitor over 30 years ago working firstly for Spittle & Howard Solicitors in Warrington and thereafter joining Widdows Mason in Leigh as an Assistant Solicitor.

Bob became a partner and eventually a senior partner in the firm with all the responsibilities and duties that that entailed. Bob gained considerable administrative experience as a senior partner.  Bob has been a member of the duty solicitors scheme since its inception and has undertaken countless police station attendances and attendances at court as duty solicitor. . 

Over the years Bob has dealt with virtually every form of crime and has represented a number of people charged with murder, rape, serious drug offences, fraudry offences as well as the more run of the mill matters that are dealt with before the magistrates courts. Bob has prepared serious matters for trial in the Crown Court and attends court on a virtually daily basis. Bob has therefore gained a wealth of experience in criminal work over the years and continues to undertake all form of criminal work with Stephensons.

In addition, Bob has spent some time doing matrimonial work and if called upon has the experience to advise on such matters.