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Sean Joyce of Stephensons is highlighted by interviewees as "a very down-to-earth guy" who "knows what he is talking about." Clients point to his responsiveness and his ability to explain things in layman's terms as key strengths. (2016)

Carl Johnson of Stephensons is recognised for his "business-minded" approach to his multifaceted practice. He is considered a "driving force" in the regulatory sphere, regularly acting for teachers, accountants and a full range of healthcare professionals. (2016)

Michael Pemberton of Stephensons represents clients in prison law cases up to the ECHR. Market sources report: "He is a very effective operator, great with clients and has a great sense of humour." His expertise extends to inquests, community care, Court of Protection and education matters. (2016)

Strong team advising clients on a broad array of criminal and regulatory issues. Has considerable experience advising clients on appeals. (2015)

A very dynamic practice. (2015)

Michael Pemberton heads the civil liberties and human rights team. He advises clients on a range of matters including inquests and police complaints. (2015)

Correna Platt is head of the appeals team. She is highly regarded for her expertise in miscarriage of justice cases. (2015)

Carl Johnson of Stephensons is described as a "rising star" in the professional discipline field, and is noted for his broad regulatory practice. He represents professionals working in sectors ranging from healthcare to teaching (2015)

Michael Pemberton heads the department at Stephensons and is highlighted for his experience in major cases in the prison law field. He has significant expertise in indeterminate sentences. (2015)

Michael Pemberton manages Stephensons' prison community care and public law teams. He handles a range of actions against the police and has particular expertise in inquests and in representing prisoners serving indeterminate sentences. (2014)

Sean Joyce has an extensive wealth of experience across all aspects of criminal, regulatory and motoring law. (2014)

Correna Platt specialises in serious crime and has a particular focus on miscarriages of justice. (2014)

The 'very experienced' Michael Pemberton undertakes serious crime work as well as prison law and human rights matters. (2014)

Market standing: 'They have a very good reputation for high-level complex crime.' (2014)

Client service: 'The firm has a wonderful style of client handling in that it puts clients at ease very quickly. The firm seeks out and provides the best legal advice, with careful regard to client costs.' (2014)

Expertise in criminal cases, motoring offences and regulatory work. Operates a 24-hour-a-day service for clients who are held in police custody. (2014)

This team of "dedicated creative thinkers" has earned itself a strong reputation in the Manchester area. With 47 team members, the firm has the resources to handle a significant volume of work. The team specialises in regulatory defence and prosecution, motoring law, prison law and general criminal defence work. (2013)

Correna Platt attracts praise for the "very high level" of instructions she receives and the "excellent work" she produces. (2013)

Sean Joyce is "a lovely chap" with "a fantastic practice," say sources. They add that he is "very business-minded" and is "becoming a real name in the field." (2013)

Michael Pemberton of Stephensons specialises in prison law and community care, and helps individuals to challenge unlawful actions of the state. (2013)

Mike Pemberton manages Stephensons' prison law team. He is greatly experienced in prison law, human rights matters and judicial review. (2012)

The wide office network and sheer size of this crime team assures it a high profile. Sources agree that 'it is clearly well organised to handle the volume' of work that it undertakes. Its broad practice spans prison law and appellate matters, with highlights including a challenge to the law on registration of sex offenders. (2012)

Mike Pemberton is based at the Wigan branch. He is the lead solicitor for prison and public law matters and a broadly experienced criminal practitioner. Interviewees commend his commitment to the client's cause, saying 'he will go that extra mile'. (2012)

Mike Pemberton of Manchester-based Stephensons has a national reputation for his success in acting for prisoners in human rights challenges. (2011)

Mike Pemberton of Stephensons is ‘an outstanding practitioner who pushes the boundaries of the law through complete command of his material and diligence in promoting his clients’ interests.’ He is especially praised for his knowledge of prison law. (2011)

Observers are full of praise for Michael Pemberton, who manages the department’s crime special cases team. Sources say: ‘He is very down to earth and 100% honest. He always goes the extra mile for his clients without losing objectivity.’ (2011)

The firm’s large and ‘extremely impressive’ criminal department has increased its profile in the region. Much of the department’s higher courts advocacy is undertaken by its in-house advocates. Recent cases have ranged from murder to sexual offences. (2011)

At Stephensons, Mike Pemberton has established himself as an expert in prison law with an important practice. (2010)

Michael Pemberton of Stephensons frequently brings judicial reviews relating to prisons and parole, and his standard of client care sets him apart from many competitors. (2010)

As an associate at the Wigan office of Stephensons, Mike Pemberton is building up a reputation as an expert prison lawyer. He is particularly knowledgeable on issues related to life and indeterminate sentences. (2009)

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