Solicitor creates guide for neighbourly homeowners

A solicitor has issued a guide for homeowners to help them maintain a good relationship with those among the closest to them… their neighbours.

Andrew Leakey, a partner at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, created the guide after experiencing many years of acting for clients involved in bitter feuds with their neighbours.

The guide – available via the firm’s website – explains the best way to tackle problems and if legal action is is necessary, the best way to prepare. It also looks at the remedies available including mediation.

Andrew said: “Everyone needs good neighbours, but sometimes when issues arise, relationships can turn sour and battle lines are drawn. We really don’t encourage people to get into a neighbour dispute if at all possible. The legal costs can be frightening and people have lost their homes in these types of cases. Not to mention the emotional costs too – living next door to someone you’re in dispute with is a nightmare.

“Typical disputes between neighbours include boundary disputes, blocked access, rights of way, nuisance…even issues over hedges and tree roots can lead to disputes. We’ve created this guide to help people who might be facing a dispute with their neighbour to help them decide the best way forward.”

Tips include keeping evidence, taking photographs, sourcing old photographs when boundary disputes are involved, keeping a diary and ultimately calling in experts if the problem cannot be resolved.

The guide is available here: How to deal with neighbour disputes


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