Lancashire Police launch Christmas drink-drive campaign

DR10, DR20 and DR30 endorsement codes explained

Lancashire Constabulary has launched a new campaign targeting drink and drug drivers this Christmas.

The campaign, launched on December 1st, will see Lancashire Police implement high profile enforcement activity on the regions roads throughout December. Checkpoints will be set up in select locations with officers conducting drink and drug tests.

Figures from the Lancashire Constabulary show that in 2017, 125 people were caught drink-driving in the region during the Christmas period. A total of 3,247 tests were conducted with 126 either failing the test or refusing to provide a specimen. Last year also saw 55 drugs tests on Lancashire’s roads, with 30 people failing.

Paul Loughlin, a solicitor specialising in motoring law at the national firm, Stephensons said:

“The Christmas and New Year period are a time of celebration for many people and those celebrations are often accompanied with a few drinks. In January this year, immediately after the Christmas and New Year party season, we saw a 145% spike in the number of drink-driving related enquiries compared to other times of the year.

“In the vast majority of cases, these are first time offences; often people who feel they are ok to drive and then surprised when they produce a positive breath sample. It’s crucial that drivers remember that “Sleeping it off” for a few hours, or even overnight, does not mean you have sufficiently sobered up. While you may feel less impaired, your blood alcohol level could still take you over the legal threshold.”

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