Justice for the family of father killed at work

Employer’s negligence and failure to ensure health, safety and welfare at work ended the life of 46-year-old father of one, Gary Jackson, in February 2012.

The Red Scar Tyres employee from Preston was expelled across the garage where he was working when a HGV tyre exploded.

Gary was working alone when one of the firm’s contractors pulled in for a repair. Gary fixed the HGV tyre in question and was inflating it when it suddenly exploded. The pressurised air passing from the large tear blew him across the building and into a stack of tyres.

The driver of the HGV attempted first aid and called for an ambulance but the paramedics were unable to resuscitate Gary. He was sadly pronounced dead at the Royal Preston Hospital.

“Our family was in shock for a long time and we still struggle to come to understand why this was allowed to happen. My daughter will not have  her father around to support her through the important stages of her life and there is nothing to compensate for that”.

“Nothing will bring back Gary but having Red Scar Tyres admit their role in his death has helped us in coming to terms with his untimely death. This was never about money. This is about a young girl losing her dad and the devastation it has had on us all”.

“No employer should take a chance with someone’s health, wellbeing and gamble with their lives”.

Red Scar Tyres failed to provide risk assessments and ensure health, safety and welfare at work. The family received £64,000 which is held in trust for the young daughter.

“We could not have gone through this without the help from Stephensons. They have been a reliable source of advice and guidance throughout this heart breaking and incredibly stressful process”.