Justice for mother of stillborn baby boy

Justice for mother of stillborn baby boy

31-year-old mother of two Laura Monks blamed herself for two years following the stillbirth of her baby boy before Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust admitted responsibility. 

Laura Monks has now received £40,000 in compensation after mistakes led to the stillbirth of her son, Rueben.

Jamie Cruickshanks, our medical negligence expert represented Laura.

"Rueben was a very much-wanted and loved baby. Laura had no reason to believe the delivery of her baby boy would have such tragic and life changing results.

"Rueben will never be forgotten and it will take the family some time to restore a degree of normality in their everyday lives.

"Although it is rare to see such medical errors, it is clear in this case that medical staff failed in their duty to safeguard the life of Rueben, resulting an unnecessary and avoidable tragedy.

"Our experts found that if it had not been for the failings of the medical staff, Laura would have given birth to a healthy child. In this most unfortunate case we have witnessed an unsettling list of failings by the medical staff to provide timely an appropriate medical care.

"As a mother of a healthy child Laura was unprepared for what lay ahead with her second birth”.