How old is your heart? - Take the test on World Heart Day

How old is your heart? - Take the test on World Heart Day

How old is your heart? A new tool, released by the NHS, aims to help you find out.

Experts suggest that knowing your so-called 'heart age' is key to taking control of your health, making lifestyle changes that will reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks and increase your chances of living a healthy life well into old age.

It comes as a study of 575,000 people using the tool found that four out of five had a 'heart age' older than their actual age. Nearly nine in 10 men under 40 had a heart older than they were, compared to four in 10 women of the same age.

Health experts hope that their calculator will allow users to see how they could boost their heart health through regular exercise, losing weight lowering their cholesterol or quitting smoking.

Heart disease is currently the UK's single biggest killer, causing more than one quarter of all deaths each year.

Jamie Waterall, national lead for cardiovascular disease prevention, Public Health England, said: “Even though you may not have symptoms, having a heart age higher than your own age indicates an increased risk of serious illness. The Heart Age Tool gives an immediate indication of a person’s potential risk and what they can start doing to reduce it.”

To take the test for yourself, click here.