Diagnosis of cerebral palsy - Nicole's story

Diagnosis of cerebral palsy - Nicoles story

Parents of Nicole Loughrey and our medical negligence expert Judith Thomas-Whittingham discuss the journey the family has been on since her traumatic birth which led to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Nicole is an active, happy 16-year-old who loves music, dancing and performing.

Janette Loughrey, mum of three girls, said: “As I had two difficult births prior to Nicole I requested a C-section during my third pregnancy. I was told that every child is different and to pursue a more natural route.

“I didn’t realise how seriously Nicole had suffered until the day after the birth. The special care team came over to talk about her needs going forward and it was only then when I realised that she would need support for the rest of her life.

“I knew that something had gone wrong when attending my six week check-up. Too much emphasis was put on explaining why the medical staff had made all the right decisions. It became obvious that this should not have happened”.

Judith Thomas-Whittingham said: “Janette got in touch with us in 2004 and we have been supporting the family ever since. Nicole desperately needs to be in a home which is better suited for her needs to encourage independent living – especially now as she is getting older.

“The current accommodation does not allow Nicole to have privacy and she needs as much independence as possible.  It will also enable the rest of the family to restore a degree of normality in their everyday lives”.

Janette said: “Our family struggles, and has struggled, over the years. We want to be Nicole’s parents rather than her carers. An adapted annex will allow us to have her close by but also give her the space that she so desperately needs.

“It has taken us longer than a decade to get to this point and it has not been an easy road to be on. Judith has been there for us for all this time and continues to support us as the case is drawing to a conclusion”.