Barnardo's ethos remains but the charity's work is unlimited

Barnados CharityBarnardo’s relies on voluntary funding for its mission work but there seems to be a knowledge gap in awareness in terms of just how extensive the charity’s work is. Stephensons works in Partnership with Barnardo’s through its free Will Scheme and today we were given the opportunity to hear about how the legacies left in people Wills are used by the charity.
I am sure if asked many people would say Barnardo’s is all about Children’s homes. Although that is what Thomas Barnardo originally set up, the charity’s work has evolved dramatically over the years. It has 415 different projects in the UK, but the same philosophy still holds true. It’s philosophy” work the most vulnerable children”
Stephensons has written over 50 Wills with legacies to Barnardo’s. If you left a Will to Barnardo’s in the North West the money may depending on what is specified in the Will go towards 3 projects in Wigan that all help children in very different but related ways. The first is a programme called Shield, which started in April 2010. Barnardo’s heads this project and works with a number of partners. This project centres on child sexual exploitation. Barnardo’s has worked to change perceptions so that children exposed to this are no longer criminalised if they have been involved in prostitution as an example. They are now quite rightly seen as victims. As well as this change in perception, the charity has worked tirelessly to change legislation in this area to protect many vulnerable young people.
The second scheme centres on preventing teenage pregnancy, as part of this Barnardo’s looks at the risk factors facing a young person that has been referred to them. At any one time they have capacity to work with 13 young people who are at high risk of teenage pregnancy due to exposure to several risk factors. This team also conducts awareness and preventative work. For example, they give talks in schools and work closely with schools where the school suspects a problem.
The final scheme in Wigan is an Independent Domestic Violence project (IDVA), this scheme is perhaps the most surprising. It is unexpected because it is there to help those 18+. You may think that in this way they are not helping children that is not the case. Of those that require this assistance, 85% or more have children living in the environment where Domestic Violence takes place. The charity is assisting those at risk of homicide as a result of severe Domestic Abuse. This includes, men as well as women and those over 18 right up to the elderly who may be subject to domestic abuse from their children. There goal is to work with the victims to ensure they are safe.
All three schemes in the Wigan area are essential. Barnardo’s is not a charity that takes a large proportion out of its donations, 83p in every £1 goes directly to help those that need it most. We are proud to support Barnardo’s and through the free will scheme help some extremely vulnerable people who would not otherwise reach the help they so need. If you are making a Will our experienced Probate team can assist you and would be happy to provide details of the Free Will Scheme.
By marketing manager, Sarah Boustouller