Mortgage possession & rent arrears

If you find yourself in mortgage or rent arrears it is a worrying time. If your lender/landlord is threatening or has issued possession proceedings it is easy to think there is no alternative but to prepare for eviction. The bills have mounted up and there is no way you can pay off all the arrears so it feels like there’s no hope. What you may not know is that the courts won’t usually expect you to pay off all your arrears in one go, the courts will be happy to let you stay in your home if you can put forward a reasonable payment plan. 

With this in mind it’s important to get legal advice. Our specialist housing solicitors offer a range of fixed fee packages for most cases in the North West where legal aid is not available. Staying in your home may be more affordable than you think. 

For £300 plus any disbursements our housing law team will:

  • Discuss the position with your lender or landlord 
  • Advise you on a reasonable affordable payment plan
  • If possible negotiate a settlement before possession proceedings begin
  • Housing Disrepair Claims 

    If you are a tenant living in rented property which has fallen into disrepair and your landlord hasn't made the necessary improvements you may have a claim against your landlord. If your landlord has failed to repair faults it can be very distressing this brief guide explains the initial steps you should take to try and get your property repaired and what to do if the repairs aren't made.

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  • Housing Law - Mortgage Possession & Rent Arrears 

    Joanne Ellis, head of housing law at Stephensons gives an overview on the issues faced by residential tenants both social and private.

    Including how we could help if you are facing eviction or the repossession of your home.
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  • Tenancy Deposit Protection UK 

    Did you know that landlords are meant to protect your deposit? If your landlord hasn't used a registered scheme you can claim up to 3 times the deposit back as well as your original deposit.
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Fixed fees for housing law

You may need to lodge a Consent Order for which the court will charge a fixed fee, however, if you are on a low income you may be able to complete a fee exemption form.

If your lender has issued possession proceedings and you need us to represent you at a hearing we can do that for £420 plus any disbursements, for example court fees.

If you need us to negotiate with your lender and deal with a hearing the cost for using both services combined is £600 plus any disbursements.

Some cases have already been to court and the Judge has ordered a Possession Order. You will then receive a notice that bailiffs will attend your home to evict you. It is not too late to act.

It is possible to make an application to court to prevent the bailiffs from coming to your home right up until the bailiffs have changed the locks on your property a Judge has the power to stop them. The following prices apply for cases that do not qualify for legal aid in the North West (different fees apply for cases in the St Helens County Court please contact us to discuss).

To draft a formal application on your behalf to suspend a warrant of eviction is £420 plus disbursements (a fee exemption may be available from court if you are on a low income).

To represent you at court on a hearing to suspend the warrant is £420 plus disbursements.

If you instruct us to make the application to court and deal with the hearing the cost of both will be £600 plus any disbursements.

All prices include VAT.

Contact our specialist housing team on 0175 321 6399 if you are interested in any of our services or wish us to check if you would qualify for legal aid.

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As an award-winning top 150 law firm, with over 450 staff based in offices across the country, you're never far from the advice you need.