Employment law advice - fixed price

Employees spend a significant amount of time at work, more sometimes than at home. Therefore, we recognise that any issues you face in relation to work are important and you may need to resolve these issues. We understand this, and have helped thousands of claimants (the person bringing the claim against the employer), employees and ex-employees facing difficulties in relation to their employment.

When facing a situation with your employment, it is natural that you will want to have it resolved in a timely way. Depending on the type of issue you are facing your regular income may be affected, which means that cost is an important factor. With this in mind, Stephensons have introduced a range of fixed price services. Many but not all employment law cases end up at an Employment Tribunal, if settlement is not reached. Stephensons has created a range of fixed priced services so you can use our services for all or part of the process right through to Tribunal. This is fairly unique in the market place as the majority of solicitors in this field still work to hourly rates. Our fixed priced services give you certainty over cost without compromising on quality.

We have over a 95% success rate for cases that reach tribunal where we are appointed to handle the case from start to finish. 

The fixed price employment law services we offer include: 

1 hour meeting with employment law expert including written advice£250 plus VAT
Preparation of basic ET1 and particulars of claim£250 plus VAT
The ET1 is the form used by the claimant, the ex-employee or employee, to tell the Employment Tribunal what their case is about. 
Preparation of detailed ET1 and particulars of claim£450 plus VAT
Preparation of List of Documents (where do not exceed 50 documents)£100 plus VAT

Preparing a list of documents for the Employment Tribunal is crucial, they should be filed in a certain way. The list of documents could include:

  • Notes concerning what has happened
  • Your contract and other documentation from your employer
  • Letters, email, social media and  mobile phone texts from your employer or any other people you work with about the situation (for instance if it relates to a disciplinary issue, any correspondence surrounding this)
  • A list of witnesses
  • Evidence that you have been applying for other jobs if your case includes a claim for loss of earnings for the period since your dismissal. 
  • Details of salary you receive from a new job. This figure may be needed to calculate your claim against your previous employers.
Preparation of detailed list of documents (where exceed 50 documents)£250 plus VAT
Preparation of basic schedule of loss£125 plus VAT
The schedule of loss is a document in which you set out what you think you are owed in monetary value as a result of bringing the claim. It covers a basic award, a compensation award and future losses. We can discuss this in further detail with you. 

Preparation of detailed schedule of loss

£200 plus VAT

Preparation of single witness statement (confined to unfair dismissal or straightforward discrimination claim)

£400 plus VAT

Preparation of more detailed witness statement on complex claims

£600 plus VAT

Preparation of instructions to a barrister for the case

£350 plus VAT

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