Cavity wall insulation - damp problems

If you have had cavity wall insulation installed and you are having problems with damp our legal team can help you pursue a claim for compensation. Our specialist cavity wall insulation claims solicitors can offer a fixed fee 30-minute telephone appointment for £150, call us on 0203 816 9314 to arrange an appointment and find out if you could be entitled to compensation. During the appointment funding options will be discussed which will include whether a no win no fee agreement is available.

Cavity wall insulation is not always the right option and it is not always suitable for houses in exposed areas.

Wrongly installed cavity wall insulation can cause all sorts of problems, including:

  • Damp to your property
  • Mouldy furniture and clothes
  • Damp smell
  • Rooms that can’t be used
  • Having to decorate to hide the problem
  • In extreme cases an increase in breathing problems and asthma

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Why contact Stephensons?

    Stephensons can help, our solicitors have solved thousands of cases related to damp problems and have the right experts on hand to assist you.

    So if you would like to arrange a 30 minute telephone appointment with one of our legal experts for £150, call us on 0203 816 9314, you can also complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your situation. No win no fee funding is an option meaning there is no financial risk to you in making a claim for compensation.

    Cavity wall insulation may lead to damp problems in houses in areas exposed to wind and rain, our map guide below should help you to identify if your property is at risk due to wrongly installed cavity wall insulation.

    Areas of the UK exposed to wind and rain

    Tips to help you identity if you can make a claim for compensation

    How do you know if you are affected by wrongly installed cavity wall insulation?

    Do you have damp patches, odour and mould in your property? Was this after cavity wall insulation was installed?

    If yes, then you may be affected. This is especially true if you live in a property exposed to wind and rain.

    What are the tell-tale signs?

    • Damp patches appearing on walls that have had cavity wall insulation installed
    • Wallpaper falling off those walls, and feeling wet
    • Mould patches occurring in the same places
    • Damp odour to your home

    If these things were not present until the cavity wall insulation was installed, but start occurring after, there may be an issue.

    How long ago can the CWI installation have taken place to claim compensation?

    Ideally the cavity wall insulation needs to have been fitted within the last 6 years. It can be longer ago than that (up to 15 years) if you’ve only recently discovered the problem.

    What documents do I need for a cavity wall insulation compensation claim?

    It helps if you can find all of the documents in relation to your cavity wall insulation, including:

    • The initial appointment/sales letter
    • The assessment the company undertook of your home
    • Any contract or agreement you signed for the work
    • Any receipts for money paid
    • Any guarantee that was provided to you
    • Any business cards bearing the company logos of the people who visited you
    • Photos and video of your property can be crucial, both before and after the cavity wall insulation being installed
    • Cavity Wall Insulation - Damp Problems - Compensation Claims

      Liam Waine visits a house seriously affected by damp, allegedly caused by the installation of cavity wall insulation. This problem is becoming increasingly common for properties on the West Coast of England and Wales, particularly for houses in areas exposed to wind and rain.

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    • Cavity Wall Insulation Compensation Claims - Dispute Resolution Solicitors

      Andrew Leakey discusses the problems that can occur if your home has had cavity wall insulation installed when not suitable. 

      [youtube url=""]

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