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Claims in the USA require specialist legal assistance to ensure that you are able to get compensation for any accident or injury that you suffer whilst in the country. Call our specialist accident abroad solicitors for some free initial advice on 0203 816 0065 and we can advise you on the best course of action in pursuing a claim for compensation.

Many of us choose to make America our destination of choice, whether it’s for work reasons or to visit one of the many attractions, from New York through to Disneyland. Like any country, there are risks when visiting the USA, if an accident does happen to you then you will no doubt want to seek compensation.

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Holiday accident claims in the USA

America is regularly described as a ‘litigious culture’ i.e. one where people regularly sue and receive multi-million dollar compensation payments as a result. Even five minutes of adverts on American TV could be full of evidence of successful personal injury claims against employers, compensation settlements against huge commercial companies and big payouts for small incidents. There are even cases such as burglars successfully claiming against the occupants of houses they were burgling if they were injured as a result.

However, despite this perception that anyone making a claim in the USA has a great chance of success this is not always the case - the reality can be a completely different story.

By the same logic that America has become a very litigious society, this means that people and businesses are now much more prepared to avoid claims being made against them and to minimise the pay outs that they might have to make. There are cases that are more successful in the USA than the UK and where the pay outs are very large, however, this isn’t commonplace and most of the time it can be much more difficult to make a claim for a similar matter over the Atlantic.

Add to that the fact that many state level laws now limit the amount of compensation that might be available, introducing a variety of thresholds for certain situations and capping the amount of damages that you can obtain for certain sets of circumstances. Remember that every state in the country has its own local set of laws and not every state is the same. One state may have different standards of liability to another and without extensive local knowledge it can be very difficult to find out where you stand.

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Road traffic accident claims in the USA

Another area that can be surprising is when it comes to road traffic accidents in the USA. Many states in the USA don’t ask for third party liability insurance and if you’re involved in an accident with someone who doesn’t have insurance there is no equivalent body to the UKs Motor Insurers Bureau, which is a channel for compensation where accidents have been caused by uninsured drivers. Even if you’re injured by an insured driver there may be a cap on the insurance pay out and if the individual isn’t wealthy enough to meet a compensation payment awarded then it’s difficult to know what to do. With healthcare after an accident being costly (remember that it’s not free in the US) it’s important that if anything happens to you, you are able to work with a team with US experience and credentials. 

If you have been injured in the USA call our specialist solicitors for advice on pursuing a claim for compensation on 0203 816 0065.

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