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All businesses face a number of challenges, there is a high probability that SMEs seeking to further grow may face barriers to achieving their goals. With this in mind Growth Accelerator has been established to assist high growth potential SMEs. The service is delivered by leading private sector businesses including Grant Thornton, Pera, Oxford Innovation and Winning Pitch. Growth Accelerator coaches who will work with businesses on the service. Growth Accelerator offers businesses access to a range of support and strategy services to help them achieve their objective and break down the barriers. It seeks to assist businesses with 3 principal concerns:

  • Business development
  • Access to finance
  • Growth through Innovation

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Growth Accelerator

Growth Accelerator works with businesses in the following ways to identify critical steps that need to be taken through:

  • Bespoke coaching
  • Connectivity
  • Master classes
  • GROWTHmapper™ - a specialist online assessment tool
  • Workshops
  • Leadership and management training

In order to access Growth Accelerator, businesses have to fulfil eligibility criteria and pay a cost dependent on the number of employees.

Businesses that are eligible and sign up to Growth Accelerator can also access £2,000 match funding for every senior manager for leadership and management training- this means your team would be able to undertake training worth up to £4,000 per person, at only half the cost to your business. This training is offered by third party companies, one of which is Stephensons.

Stephensons has been delivering training for over 20 years to local authorities, charities, housing associations, a range of professionals and other organisations with business members. We are accredited to deliver training that carries continual professional development points (CPD) for other solicitors as well as the bar. We have been awarded with the Investors in People standard for over a decade and as one of the largest solicitors in the North West we have in place sound financial, management and support services. This helps ensure that we are able to guide your business through training that will equip you to achieve your own strategy. All our trainers are accredited by professional bodies including our support staff in fields of marketing, PR, risk, facilities and IT. We are able to offer the following courses to businesses interested in untapping their potential through training whilst gaining a grant.

The examples below are just some of our leadership and management training workshops that Stephensons have delivered. However; we can provide a number of other bespoke made workshops to suit different sectors and organisations. The workshops can be tailored to 1 hour training sessions or half day workshops.

References from some of our training and workshops already provided are available on request.

Training & workshops

  • Commercial litigation
  • Growing your business
  • Cash is king - debt recovery and credit control
  • Business survival & business recovery – a debtor’s perspective
  • Shareholders & partnerships agreements
  • Terms & conditions
  • Company acquisitions & restructuring
  • Commercial dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property
  • Estate planning

Employment law

  • The Equality Act
  • Disability discrimination
  • How to avoid costly mistakes, contracts and policies and what to watch out for
  • Recruitment
  • The pensions reforms
  • Spring clean your employment policies
  • Social networking

Health & safety

  • Avoiding environmental prosecutions
  • Carry on Driving
  • The basics of health & safety for new businesses
  • Health & safety - ‘directors responsibilities’

Commercial property

  • Understanding leases
    • Break options
    • Providing security to a landlord – guarantees and rent deposits
  • Landlord & tenants
  • Commercial property & development
  • Auctions - selling and buying
  • Transactions involving pension schemes


Stephensons commercial team and Cromedale Solutions led by local businessman Dr Harry Cunliffe (who is an Approved Growth Accelerator Coach) have also entered into a collaborative arrangement to support Growth Accelerator by delivering a range of programmes that businesses can access and obtain funding for. We understand SME Culture and provide 'purpose techniques' that link training investment to business profitability and growth recognising hard benefits eg reducing costs. Soft benefits eg improving skills and emotional intelligence eg developing potential for learning

By the end of these workshops/programmes businesses should be able to:

  1. Recognise the change needed for business growth, the role leadership can play in facilitating change and how this can impact upon a business.
  2. Understand the processes of effective change and the need for leadership and management in this process.
  3. Understand the components vital for planning and implementing change, involving people, employees, clients and suppliers for buy-in.
  4. Recognise the effects of change on the nature of services, brand and reputation.

For further details on the grants and costs of Growth Accelerator please contact our Business Management Consultant Karen Baron on 01942 778018.

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