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Retired renters leaving the property ladder

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This was first published in the Wigan Observer, 27th August 2013 Property column by Tom Bridge, managing partner of residential conveyancing  at Stephensons Solicitors LLP The number of first time buyers rushing to join the property ladder is at...

Speeding up the house-buying process

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Recently there has been an issue that is slowing the house-buying process and making buying a home costlier than it should be. When clients of ours want to buy a leasehold property (e.g. part of a block of flats), we must, as part of the process, seek...

Budget brings aspiration for the nation

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For existing home owners and those with dreams of becoming home owners one day, the Budget 2013 provided some welcome relief to what is often an uphill struggle to find the hefty deposit now needed to get on, or move up, the housing ladder. In his Budget...

Legal Ombudsman expresses concerns over conveyancing complaints

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A recent report from the Legal Ombudsman - "Losing the Plot - residential conveyancing complaints and their causes" - expressed concerns about the rising level of complaints about residential conveyancing services. The Ombudsman insists that...

Households are getting smaller

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The Census figures released last week shows that the local population in Wigan actually grew in the last decade, by 5.4%, fuelling a demand for more housing. But what it also showed was that the number of households is rising. There are currently 23.4...

Burden of gazumping costs could be avoided

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It happens to thousands of people every year, can cost them a lot of money and there is very little that can be done to stop it happening. Gazumping is a term used for the situation when a property seller accepts an offer from one potential buyer, but then...

Legal panel reduces choice

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When looking to buy a home, the first thing most people will, or perhaps should do, is contact their lender to work out how much they can afford to borrow. However, what they may not consider at the outset is what restrictions the lender may place on the...

First time buyer tips

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The plight of first time buyers is back in the news as the Government has launched yet another new initiative aimed at helping them get onto the ladder. The Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a scheme that is aimed at helping around 100,000 first...

Septic tanks registration deadline looming

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A new regulation which requires septic tanks to be registered will come into force from January 1st 2012. This new law will means that under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010, householders with existing or new septic tanks...

Property market in 'mini ice age'

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Another property report from accountants PWC has painted an even more depressing picture of the future of the property market referring to a ‘mini ice age’ until 2020.   The report suggests that, taking into account inflation, prices...

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