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Hoarder beware!

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Hoarder beware!

A story has emerged of an 87 year old lady being evicted from her home of 62 years on Wednesday, 23 March 2016.

Bailiffs arrived at the lady's home armed with crowbars along with the police in order to carry out the eviction.

The reason for the eviction was the lady's extensive collection of memorabilia; mainly dolls and teddy bears which she had collected and stored in her home over her 62 years of occupancy.

It was claimed by the lady's landlord that her collection of belongings posed a fire risk and so the decision was taken to evict her rendering her homeless.

In a turn of events it seems that the lady's landlord has now relented and agreed that she can return to her home under certain conditions; namely that her extensive collection are cleared and put in storage. It remains to be seen as to whether or not the lady is able to return to her property to live there permanently and it seems apparent that she will be unable to live there along with her belongings.

What must be remembered in situations such as this is that some people genuinely suffer from Hoarder Disorder or similar conditions. Treatment is available if dealt with appropriately and it may be that a multi-agency approach is required to sensitively tackle the issue. Cases such as this do not need to result in eviction. Some people could even be classed as disabled if they are found to be suffering from hoarding disorder meaning that they are afforded protection under the Equality Act 2010.

It is important that if you receive a notice or possession proceedings legal advice is sought straight away. There are often things that can be done to avoid eviction which should always be a last resort.

If you need assistance with a housing matter please contact our specialist department on 0175 321 6399. Legal aid is available for the majority of housing disputes.