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Government introduces a new cap on benefits

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The Government has introduced a new benefit cap to limit the income which households receive in certain benefits. It has been condemned by some campaigners and unions as it is felt the most vulnerable people in society will be largely affected, in particular single parent families. The Gingerbread Group, which campaigns for single parents, said 43,700 single parents with a child under the age of five would be affected by the cap.

The new limit has reduced from £26,000 to £20,000 outside of London and the rationale behind it is to encourage people back into work.  However, it is being argued that rather than incentivising parents to seek employment it is more likely to drive people into poverty.

One of the main fears is that families are no longer going to be able to pay their rent since housing benefit is one of the benefits facing the cut. According to the National Housing Federation about 50,000 households could be affected, losing an average of £68 each. Thousands of families are now facing the possibility of being evicted for rent arrears, many of these being the most vulnerable members of our society.

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