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Double time?

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Did you know that sometimes you can be arrested not only for a criminal offence but also for a civil offence?

Some people don't realise that Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions (ASBI's) can carry with them Powers of Arrest.  Very often these Powers of Arrest will relate to criminal behaviours which effectively means that somebody could be arrested and then potentially punished in both the Criminal and Civil Courts for the same offence.  However, sometimes Powers of Arrest can attach to clauses of an ASBI which do not necessarily relate to criminal behaviour.  This means that the person subject to the ASBI could find themselves being arrested for a non-criminal matter.

A further thing which people often don't realise is that, just like the Criminal Courts, the Civil Courts also have the power to send someone to prison. In fact, the Civil Courts can send people to prison for up to two years because breaching an ASBI is considered contempt of Court.

If you are facing an Application for an ASBI or have had an ASBI made against you and are alleged to have breached it then it is very important that you seek legal advice as the consequences can be very severe if you do not. 

By housing law solicitor, Kate Hancock