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What is the cause of rising eviction rates in England and Wales?

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In 2015, the Ministry of Justice reported that household evictions in England and Wales reached record levels, with 42,728 renters forcibly removed from their homes. In the first three months of 2016, 10,636 households were evicted from rented accommodation...

Supreme Court hands down important judgment on landlords repairing obligations

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Edwards v Kumarasamy [2016] UKSC 40 - The case concerned a claim for damages for personal injury sustained as a result of alleged disrepair at a property. The tenant (Mr Edwards) had been taking rubbish from the flat to the communal dustbins when he...

Worrying increase in illegal evictions

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Research carried out by the Citizens Advice Bureau shows that there has been a 50 per cent rise in tenants seeking help following an illegal eviction. In order to obtain possession of a property a landlord must first serve a valid notice seeking...

Universal credit implications for landlords and tenants

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Many social housing organisations have called on the Government to review the universal credit scheme as recent statistics show that more than three quarters of tenants receiving universal credit are in rent arrears. The Association of Retained Council...

No Article 8 defence for private landlord possession claims

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On 15 June 2016, the Supreme Court handed down a landmark ruling which prevents tenants, who rent their property from a private landlord, raising Article 8 defences to possession proceedings. Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights is...

One in ten private landlords have no formal tenancy agreement with their tenants

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Research which has been complied by one of the companies which provides insurance for landlords, Direct Line, has revealed that one in ten private landlords do not have a formal tenancy agreement in place with their tenants. It appears that an alarming...

The legal aid residency test

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The legal aid residency test was a new regulation set out in the 2013 Transforming Legal Aid Consultation paper which the Ministry of Justice was proposing to bring into force. The proposed residency test would mean that you must have lived in the UK for 12...

Knowsley Housing Trust axes face to face services

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Social housing provider, Knowsley Housing Trust (‘KHT’) has axed the face to face services it previously offered at One Stop shops across the borough. From 01 April 2016, the services which were located in the Knowsley Council’s offices in...

Private landlords get tougher

Joanne Ellis
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The annual possession statistics have been published and once again it is said that possession cases are going down. Whilst the amount of possession cases started at court have fallen (hardly a surprise given a hike in the issue fee), the number of...

One in ten local authorities are criminalising homelessness

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Research shows that one in ten local authorities across England and Wales are using new powers introduced under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 to criminalise homelessness. Local authorities are using Public Spaces Protections Orders...

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