Third of Brits suffer injury while on a 'night out'

by Andy Osborne on

I was reading some recent research which has revealed 33% of Brits have injured themselves whilst on a night out and that 70% of those injuries were caused by too much alcohol.

The research was commissioned to highlight the dangers that drunken nights out can pose.

Overall, the most common cause of injury on a night out is falling over outside although the statistics show that men are more likely to be injured through being involved in violence (16.3%), whilst women are much more likely to hurt themselves falling over inside clubs and bars (25%).

Other causes of injury include:

  • Broken glass (10.5%)
  • Falling down stairs in nightclubs and bars (8.5%)
  • Jumping over obstacles like road barriers (4%)
  • Cigarette burns (3.5%)
  • Getting run over (1.5%)

Those in the younger age categories are most likely to be injured on a night out with 54% of those aged 18-24 and 41% of those aged 25-34 sustaining one while enjoying themselves.

Cities where alcohol is to blame for the largest percentage of injuries sustained on nights out include Liverpool (88%), Leeds (77%), Nottingham (76%), London (72%), Manchester (71%) and Birmingham (71%).

As I will be heading to Leeds next month on my stag night, this evidence is a stark reminder of how many injuries are caused by drinking too much alcohol.

While I will be no doubt enjoying myself, and to a certain extent (as tradition would dictate!) have to relinquish control of any decisions relating to the consumption of alcohol to my best man, I would hope that the evening will go smoothly, as I assume that no one would wish to end the night out with a painful injury.

If this misfortune occurs for anyone on an evening out I would suggest that the injury is reported to someone who works at the place you suffer the injury so they can provide the necessary medical assistance required and log the incident in an accident book.

By Barry Sutton


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