Demolition site dangers

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Accidents on demolition sites are common; these are hazardous places to work or to be in the vicinity of, and for this reason the Health and Safety Executive dedicates an entire section of their website to the laws surrounding demolition, dismantling and structural alteration.

All demolition activity must be properly planned and only conducted by licensed, competent operatives.

Issues that must be addressed with the correct risk assessment and safety procedures are uncontrolled collapse, injury from falling materials, falls from height, noise and vibration, fire, hazardous material handling, for example asbestos, and traffic management, amongst others. Hazards not only affect workers on site, but also passers by.

Accidents and injuries on demolition sites

Last year, a 19-year old worker suffered serious arm injuries in a demolition site accident in Cambridgeshire. The year before, a man was rushed to hospital after having his arm torn off in a demolition site accident in Newcastle, and in May this year, a 41-year old worker sustained serious head injuries after falling around 12 feet on a restricted demolition site at a paper mill near Edinburgh.

There are very strict rules by which principal and sub contractors and site managers must abide in order to ensure a safe working environment for demolition workers. Structural engineers must conduct a site survey to assess the stability of surrounding structures and the risk of uncontrolled collapse. Co-ordinators must be appointed to implement a site management plan that ensures the safety of workers and the public.
Claiming Compensation for Demolition Site Accidents

If any of these stages are overlooked, or systems are inadequate or not adhered to, and an accident occurs, the victim will have grounds for a compensation claim.

Stephensons are specialist personal injury claims solicitors. The team includes experts in construction and demolition site accident claims. If you have been injured in an accident on site, or know someone who has, call us on 0844 245 6601 for tailored advice on your claim.

By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney


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