Speeding Offence Solicitors

Speeding prosecutions generally go unchallenged with motorists simply accepting speeding convictions without attending Court or seeking the advice of a specialist motoring offence solicitor, for free initial advice from expert solicitors 24/7 call 0175 321 6399.

This can lead to motorists receiving unnecessary points on their driving licence or in more serious circumstances or if you already have a number of points on your licence (totting up), a driving disqualification or even a charge for dangerous driving.

With speed cameras seemingly around every corner speeding prosecutions are a common occurrence but any conviction could have life changing consequences, with the threat of a driving disqualification and the effects it may have on you, your family and your employment it is highly advisable to consult a specialist solicitor at the earliest opportunity.

A Notice of intended prosecution does not necessarily mean a conviction, if you have been issued with a speeding ticket or fine speak to our motoring law specialists to establish the best course of action and best possible outcome for you.

Our specialist solicitors have the expertise and experience to help with your speeding enquiry, contact us for a free initial advice.

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Areas of specialism 

  • Totting up / Exceptional hardship
  • Police procedure
  • Special reasons
  • Speed camera calibration
  • Speed camera usage